Omni Hotels LIVE App Reviews

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This is an impossible app. I don't need augmented reality to make my reservations. I can't even check on my existing ones. Please put up a usable app

Garbage app

This should be a booking and loyalty app but appears to be an intrusive entertainment one. Junk this and stick to the Omni website.

Really bad app

I was hoping for an app that would let me make and edit reservations, manage my memberships benefits, and perhaps even check in online. This app seems only to be a strange video that wants access to my location and camera. No Thanks! What in the world is Omni thinking? When every other hotel chain I do business with (even budget properties) offer this functionality in their apps, what a disappointment!


Downright brutal. Period. Fire your digital team. This app is killing the Omni brand.


I'm a fan of their resorts and hotels so I feel bad for Omni. Just think... they probably paid someone to build this. Hopefully their digital team has been replaced.


I simply just need an app where I can book rooms and check my reservations. This is useless.

Useless app

Designed by an idiot with no idea what people look for in an app.

Rewards Program??

Where is the app to manage rewards points, book stays, check on special promotions...I mean, come on Omni...Is this all you got? This is dumps.


It "brings advertisements to life"? Are you kidding me?

Useless garbage

This is why Hyatt is kicking your hindquarters. This app is stupid. What are you people, twelve years old?

Useless for looking into room rates

How about an app that lets me see availability & rates? Would make booking easier

Not what I need

I need an app that tells me basic info about hotels, like amenities, and allows me to manage my reservations and my loyalty account. This may be a "cool" app but it doesn't serve the needs of your customers in a simple and direct way. In fact, im not sure what it *does* do. A sad missed opportunity, Omni.


I just want something that will allow me to book a room and manage reservations. This app is totally useless to me and about 95% of potential users. C'mon guys.

What is this?


W O R T H L E S S !

Need I say more? If I could give it zero stars, I would...


I just want to manage my reservations etc. I don't want it to have access to my camera, my microphone and my location (particularly when not in use). Kinda creepy. Unless you turn on these permissions it doesn't do much. The app wants you to scan Omni ads so they "come to life." SMH


Are you kidding me? This app is the worst. Couldn't take it off my phone fast enough.

Doesn't work! :(

I downloaded this and hovered over the ad for a good 5 minutes...nothing

Very Poor Ap

Good idea for portion/function of a mobile app, but pretty much pointless on it's own. There is no point in downloading this app unless you are always looking at Omni hotel ads. It is essentially a QR code reader --- would have better and cheaper for them to just include a QR code on their ads. People would actually know to scan it then.

Remarkable experience.

"Wow!" is the universal reaction. Fun and well done!

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